Tell of Two Live Chapter 6

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Once Shannon was sure that Toni was resting comfortably, he posted himself on a chair outside the door to the room she was in case she woke up and needed something. He couldn’t believe how this day was turning out. Had he done something to offend the “Gods”?

At some point during the afternoon, Shannon must have fallen asleep, but he was suddenly awakened by screams coming from inside the room. He ran in to find Toni sitting up in bed rocking herself. What the hell had she gone through?

He was just about to ask her what had happened to her because until she screamed she had not uttered a sound. Toni looked at him and she read the look on his face. She knew it wasn’t fair for her to come here with no warning and dump what was going on in her life on him, but she didn’t know where else to go. He wanted some answers and he wanted them now!

As he got closer to the bed he noticed that there was blood all over the sheets and he knew his questions would have to wait. Without a word, Shannon swept Toni up in his arms and rushed her to Northwestern Hospital. When they arrived at the hospital Shannon ran inside. When he returned to the car he had a wheelchair and a nurse. Toni was immediately taken into an examining room where she was undressed and her secret was no longer hers. Her body was covered with new and old cuts, bruises, and burns.

She was admitted into the hospital to undergo surgery to repair the damage caused by a self-induced abortion. She also had several broken ribs and had suffered a concussion. Toni was also informed that hospital policy required them to report all cases of abuse and the nurse needed to know if the man who’d brought her in was to blame for her condition. But before the nurse could complete the question, Toni stopped her and explained that Shannon was a good friend who she could always count on and that he knew nothing about the abuse.

When she was placed in a room after surgery and the painkillers had started doing their job, Toni decided it was time to tell Shannon the truth. She’d been hiding this from him for so long, in fact for the past three years; she just didn’t know where she’d begin.

After the doctors were sure she would be okay Shannon was allowed to see her. On his way in, hoping to get some answers, the nurse who he’d gotten to help bring Toni into the emergency room stopped him. She took him into a corner so the she could speak to him privately. She wanted him to know that Toni had something to tell him that was going to be hard for her and if he’d just be patient he’d know everything soon enough. The nurse wouldn’t tell him anything else, only that Toni really needed his friendship right now more than ever before.

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Forging a path to welcoming & psychological safety, in systems, institutions & policies, at scale | Becoming the change I wish to see… |

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Forging a path to welcoming & psychological safety, in systems, institutions & policies, at scale | Becoming the change I wish to see… |