Tell of Two Live Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Shannon knew that the nurse was right. He needed nourishment. But he had to nourish his heart first; his stomach had to wait. He had to get his thoughts in order. He had just been told a story that, if it hadn’t heard it from Toni herself, he would have never believed it.

Shannon rode the elevator to the first floor and followed the signs that directed him to the chapel. He had never been much of a praying person. In his life he had witnessed people praying for the most trivial of things. It amazed him that this was the place he knew he had to be.

He was very happy to see that there were no other people in the small room. There were candles burning on an altar in the right corner of the room and new age music played softly through speakers hanging in each corner of the ceiling. Other than a few rows of padded benches, there wasn’t much to it.

He made himself comfortable on the bench closest to the door and quietly began to cry. He was feeling so many things shock, loss, anger, betrayal, and a sadness so deep he thought that he would lose himself in it. Why was all this put on him? What would he do now? How on earth could he ever be of help to his friend? He had naively believed that he’d know the answers; know how to help his friend, if only she would tell him what was going on. He was very wrong. All that kept entering his mind were more questions.

He felt such a sense of hopelessness. What could he have done to prevent this? Was he the right person to help Toni through this? Was he strong enough?

Shannon sat there crying for almost two hours before his mind was able to produce some answers. He knew that he would do everything he could to help Toni get her life back together. He knew that what she had gone through was far worse than anything he could be feeling now. She was now his inspiration. He soon found that he was grateful that Toni believed in their friendship enough to turn to him.

Shannon’s tears stopped as suddenly as they had started. He knew Toni counted on him and he could do nothing to let her down. He went over to the altar and lit a candle for both Toni and Dustin and left the chapel.

When Shannon entered the cafeteria, for the first time he realized how hungry he was. He hadn’t eaten since his shift ended over twenty-four hours ago. That reminded him, he needed to call the station and schedule some time off so that he could be there for Toni. He paid for his Club Sandwich and looked around for an empty table.

After scouting out the only empty table left in the room and winning the race for it with two other people, Shannon sat down to eat his well deserved meal. He was about to bite into his sandwich when he saw the woman from the fire, Toni’s friend Maya. Looking around and seeing nowhere else for her to sit he called her over to join him. He was amazed at how small the world seemed at times.



Forging a path to welcoming & psychological safety, in systems, institutions & policies, at scale | Becoming the change I wish to see… |

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Forging a path to welcoming & psychological safety, in systems, institutions & policies, at scale | Becoming the change I wish to see… |