Because My “WHY” Is Stronger Than Your Excuses — Part 1

The Problem: Lack of Inclusion & Diversity

  • Privilege = Access
  • Underrepresented = Numbers
  • Marginalized = Treatment
  • Diversity = Variety
  • Inclusion = Experience

A privileged system must take on the responsibility and burden of improving inclusion and diversity in our organizations, communities, and events for members underrepresented and marginalized groups.

  1. We know that many of you don’t care about improving the experiences of those who aren’t benefiting from privilege.
  2. Please stop assuming that your efforts for improving inclusion and diversity are in any way effective.
  3. White women != diversity because they also benefit from a system of privilege.
  4. We are watching you. Your words and meaningless gestures will come back to bite you in the ass over the long-term.
  5. Finally, if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not doing enough.

Indicators of Meaningful Progress and Change with Stack Overflow

  • A strategic plan outlining how they intend to improve not only the number of underrepresented and marginalized individuals meaningfully engaging on the site. But also, a plan for improving the experiences for all (inclusion)
  • Documentation of outreach efforts to underrepresented and marginalized communities.
  • A process for reporting incidences of inappropriate behavior.
  • At least a 25% participation rate for underrepresented and marginalized individuals in the 2019 Developer Survey
  • A meaningful academic study conducted on the potential inherent bias associated with the “knowledge” shared on the site.
  • An onboarding process for those new to the site and new to coding.
  • A regular report that is shared, as widely as you share your survey results, to ensure a transparent process.



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