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Catch up Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Shannon knew that the nurse was right. He needed nourishment. But he had to nourish his heart first; his stomach had to wait. He had to get his thoughts in order. He had just been told a story that, if it hadn’t heard it from Toni herself, he would have never believed it.

Shannon rode the elevator to the first floor and followed the signs that directed him to the chapel. He had never been much of a praying person. In his life he had witnessed people praying for the most trivial of things. …

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Catch up Chapter 8

Chapter 9

As Maya waited for the elevator she started to think about all the times she had been sheltered from the world in her life. She knew it started with Madison before she was even born.

Madison had been raised in Phoenix City, Alabama. Being Black in a small southern town, during the 50’s left little hope for many happy times. Her father had left the family shortly after her birth. Leaving behind a wife and ten children. Her mother always said that it was for the best, because he never brought much to the table anyway.

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Catch up Chapter 7

Chapter 8

It had been a long night. He hadn’t had much sleep in the last forty-eight hours, but Shannon was not going to leave Toni’s side. After speaking with the nurse last night Shannon went into Toni’s room to find her at last sleeping peacefully. So he asked for a blanket and laid himself on the floor next to her bed. He was awaken by the sound of a flushing toilet and when he got to his feet he could really see for the first time what condition Toni was really in. …

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Catch up Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Maya returned to the hospital the next morning around 9:30 am and got the surprise of her life when she entered Jamie’s room. Expecting him to be as helpless as she’d left him the night before, she was shocked to walk in and see him sitting up in bed eating breakfast.

What had happened to him during the night after she’d gone home? When she’d left him at 11:00 p.m., he was still having trouble breathing. Every breath he took left him exhausted, which made their conversation brief. But to see him this morning you’d think…

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Catch up Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Once Shannon was sure that Toni was resting comfortably, he posted himself on a chair outside the door to the room she was in case she woke up and needed something. He couldn’t believe how this day was turning out. Had he done something to offend the “Gods”?

At some point during the afternoon, Shannon must have fallen asleep, but he was suddenly awakened by screams coming from inside the room. He ran in to find Toni sitting up in bed rocking herself. What the hell had she gone through?

He was just about to ask…

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Catch up Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Maya had been in the waiting room on the third floor of Northwestern Hospital since early that afternoon. After she finally realized her ears weren’t failing her, Maya pulled herself together enough to call Jamie’s older sister in New York and told what had happened and where he was. Bebe Thompson said she’d be in Chicago as soon as she could. When she finished making a few more calls to people she felt needed to know what had happened, she had headed for the hospital and had been there ever since.

The nurses had been very…

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Catch up Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Shannon’s day off was not turning out as he’d planned. When he was finally ready to leave the station he discovered that his motorcycle had a flat tire. It took an hour to change because he didn’t have a spare at the station. He’d have to remember to get one. When he finally got home, it was to discover that his front porch had been TP’d by the neighborhood kids. This didn’t bother him because he knew that it was just a little prank to welcome him home.

Once in bed, he couldn’t get his mind…

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Pick up any publication, magazine, book or even podcast, and they’ll have titles like these: “Get the Balance Right”, “Striking a Balance Between Work and Home”, and “Life Is Not Work, Work Is Not Life: Simple Reminders for Finding Balance in a 24/7 World.” Meeting the expectations that these titles imply set up a belief that achieving balance is an equation — a formula to follow just like 1 + 2 = 3. But everyday life exposes flaws in such theories. …

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It’s kinda funny revisiting the landmark details of this story because it floods me with so many memories. Although many of these businesses are no longer around, I can see them so clearly.

Seeing this reference made me laugh “Healthrider” 🤣

Also, since I honestly do not remember what I’ll discover in rereading future chapters, I’ve decided to entitle this work “Tell of Two Lives”

Catch up Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Maya was deeply moved by the sight of that burning building last night and before she knew it she was standing there crying like a baby. Just the thought of all…

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Ok, it’s really been interesting revisiting this manuscript because I’d completely forgotten that I’d written it from the perspective of both of the main characters. This sets up a challenge with how I should label each entry going forward. My initial thought was Maya, Maya.2, Maya.3 or something like that. But this is a level of complexity I wasn’t anticipating. Please share your suggestions in the comments.

Disclaimer: Also, since putting this away in 2000, some of the location references no longer exist 🤷🏾‍♀️so just go with me here and suspend reality.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

After battling a four-alarm fire in a warehouse…

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